Order that vegan lunch for your non-vegan co-workers

Well, up here in NY it is freakin hot! As usual we don’t get much of a Spring, as the temps went from 60’s to mid 80’s overnight.  But that’s not what this ramble is going to be about.

I work as a middle-manager of an elevator company in southern NY and as such, it gives me the unique opportunity to have control (I use that word loosely) over people’s food choices when I run a meeting.

A few weeks ago I ran a meeting for about 40 people and of course I ordered a fully vegan meal for lunch.  Being only 1 of 3 vegans that works in my office you could imagine I got some push-back/ mild joking about eating “rabbit food.” i was prepared for this, so I wasn’t a big deal, and in honesty they were just having some fun, and knew I was not going to be offended.

After the food was served, I heard many people compliment the food and some even said the one thing I was hoping to hear from this, “I wouldn’t mind eating from this place again.” (BTW, I ordered from Blossom Du Jour) So I just want to end this short ramble by letting other vegans out there who are in a situation to order lunch for others, that take the chance and order a fully vegan meal.  You’ll save a few lives, and maybe…just maybe change a few as well.