Who the Heck am I?

Hello all,

This blog is about my journey through life that has led me to this moment, where I seek the attention of the internet to tell everyone how vegan I can be!  I am a 30-something year old guy raised by a father who went bird hunting whenever the season was open, and a mother that cooked a dead animal every night for dinner.  And now I’m a happily married vegan with a wife and baby daughter whom also abstain from animal products.

This blog will not be about criticizing American society for breeding a culture of animal exploitation (trust me there are plenty of blogs out there about that topic if you want to find them).  This blog will be about the lighter side to this lifestyle.  Sure, there’s plenty of things for vegans to be angry about, but that doesn’t mean we hate to laugh or have fun.  I have always had a good sense of humor, and like one of my favorite professors always said: “Life is a tragedy.  You can either laugh or cry…it’s better to laugh.” (I think he was quoting a Russian playwright, but I couldn’t find the reference, so I will just pretend it was his words).  Some posts will be funny (at least in my opinion) and some will not; I guess it will depend on my mood that day or week. I will also post more scholarly stuff (more on that below) that I have written and presented, which may appeal to fellow animal rights activists, and literary snobs (again, see below).

A little bit more about myself:

I currently work for an elevator company in New York City as a project manager.  That is how I make my living and support my family and charities I believe in.

Outside of work, I am a PhD student at St. John’s University in the English department (see I told you I’d explain).  My favorite author is Virginia Woolf and my focus is on the use of animals as symbols, imagery, etc… in literature.  This research has led me to find very fascinating things about the history of vegan/vegetarianism; which I hope to share in later posts.

Lastly, I am an animal rights activist, which is what has inspired me to start this blog.   I am a member of the Board for Arthur’s Acres Animal Sanctuary, and I will be sharing a lot of my journey with this sanctuary through this website.  My wife and I also sponsor 2 different farm animals.  1 cow at Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, NY, and 1 cow at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary in High Falls, NY.

Thank you for visiting my page.  If you like what you see here, check out my Instagram and Twitter pages to see more fun-loving vegan stuff!  FYI, I’m much more active on Instagram.